Welcome to The Level Green!

Hi, Chef Charlie Wilkins here! Welcome to the Level Green!  The Level Green is all about getting as much Green into our lives as possible.  Whether it’s a beautiful salad, a hike in the forest, or having a darn good Green juice with friends :)  One thing is certain,  I crave the color Green!

PhotoI’m here to guide you through the journey of getting that Green into your life.  Getting healthier, Raw foods into your diet always sounds like a fine idea, but a lot of times it’s a challenging labyrinth.   This is where I come in(picture a plant sprouting out of the ground in fast motion, but instead of a plant it’s me with Green hair, maybe not? :) ). The point is I’m here to make that labyrinth a piece of Raw chocolate fig cake, easy and delicious. Yes ma’am/sir! :)

Once you get to the Level Green, you tend to have a more relaxed mindset, an overall feeling of well being, and find out that this life is beautiful when you’re seeing Green on a daily basis.

I’m here to inspire you to get to that level, that place of being fully present, having more energy, and being able to better adapt to stress.  Adding in healthy, delicious food will only lead to having you live a more vibrant life.  Sounds like an ideal level to be at, right?   I call this level, The Level Green.

I’m going to be teaching classes in the Denver area, so if you’re interested in taking a class, click here. Also, there is a place to the right to put your name and email to receive future newsletters filled with goodies, such as Free Delicious Recipes, and many ways to get more Green into your life.  I hope to see you in one of my classes or in one of the many amazing forests of Colorado.  Till then, welcome to The Level Green!